Ms. Mel and Ms. Terry with Dr. Feland Meadows, President, Pan American Montessori Society

International Week Parent Volunteer

Endorsement as per the American Montessori Society's  Visitation/ Consultation Report on our school, Montessori Children's House, located in the Crossing subdivision in the West Kendall area of Miami, FL.

  • Montessori Children’s House’s toddler teachers are nurturing and patient.

  •  The preschool teachers are talented and competent in their interactions and lessons with the children.

  • The early childhood rooms are impressive in design, function and curriculum materials. It seems that they have everything that is needed and more to meet the needs of the children who attend these classes.

  • There is a contented and happy atmosphere in the classrooms. The children work together happily in this very special environment.

  • All standards are met in a highly functioning way.

  • Leadership is important in the development of an exemplary school. Melanie Samuelson, the Director of Montessori Children’s House, is to be commended for her devotion and hard work to bring this school to the level of excellence that is apparent.

  • The professional staff of the school and the parents who support and work closely for the children’s education have resulted in the well-functioning school that exists as Montessori Children’s House.

  • Montessori Children’s House is well-respected in the Montessori school community of Miami.

  • The American Montessori Society supports the excellent program at Montessori Children’s House.

The long established school is licensed by Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida as an Educational Institution and is accredited through the Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS).  Montessori Children's House meets the established code of ethics as a long time member of the  American Montessori Society (AMS) and the North American Montessori Teacher's Association (NAMTA).

There are several reputable Montessori organizations that accredit Montessori teacher education programs in the United States, and many more in other countries. Most, but not all, of their accredited programs are also accredited by the MACTE commission. They include the American Montessori Society (AMS), the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI), and the Pan American Montessori Society (PAMS).

Montessori Children's House continues to fulfill its dutiful commitment to its students by providing dedicated long term AMS and/or PAMS certified teachers in all of its classrooms. The School prides itself on upholding its ethics, principles and foundations as inspired by the ideology of the Montessori founder, Maria Montessori. It's Owner and Director, Melanie Samuelson, is an AMS Certified Montessori Directress/teacher since 1986. She has devoted over thirty years to teaching small children and administrating a quality school.

Enrollment in Montessori Children’s House is available for children eighteen months through six years of age. We presently offer the following programs: 

  • The Toddler Classroom is for children eighteen months through three years of age. The Toddler Classroom offers a three and/or five half-day weekly program monthly.

  • The Interim Classroom is utilized part of the day for older students registered in the Toddler Classroom but who are developmentally, maturationally, academically, and socially advanced over the younger toddlers.   This Classroom offers a five day weekly program for toilet trained older toddlers preparing them for the P/K Classroom.

  • The Preschool / Kindergarten classrooms are for students three years (or three and a half) through six years of age. The Preschool / Kindergarten Classrooms offer a half or full day program monthly.

  • Extended Care:  Before school care (7:30 - 8:00).
    After school care (3:00 – 5:00) provides the students with a snack and juice, outdoor play, story time and hands on with a multitude of developmental appropriate lessons.

The Montessori materials and classroom program allow each child to experience the excitement of learning by his own choice rather than being coerced.  The program helps the child to perfect his or her natural skills for learning so that his or her ability will be at a maximum in future learning situations. The purpose of the Montessori materials is for the child to develop his concentration, coordination and positive working habits in preparation for his future learning experiences.

Montessori Children’s House is committed to providing a nurturing environment for your child to receive a quality education. Our school strives to provide your child with a solid foundation for his or her future learning potential. Our reputable program provides each and every child with a challenging self-rewarding environment enabling our students to further develop their physical, academic and social inherent skills. Every child is afforded the opportunity to realize, develop and achieve his or her own special abilities leading toward a solid foundation for his or her future learning potential and successful accomplishments.


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